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samarth engineering

Bucket Elevator Manufacturer

Samarth engineering is a High-Quality bucket elevator manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We have Discharge elevator buyers from all over India, but our past clients come from Vadodara, Rajkot, and Ahmedabad.

 It is widely used in coal plants, Mineral plants & Grain handling plants to convey material vertically. It is mainly used for streaming powder or mass solids moving vertically. Our product works superbly even on heavy loads as well.

 The Discharge elevator’s central part is Belt, Bucket, pulley, and casing. We have designed our product according to the Buyer material output Requirement per Hour base or Ton per day. 

 There are two pulleys Mounted on the Elevator casing. The Head pulley on the bottom is mounted with the motor, and the tail pulley is on Top of the elevator. Belt with buckets fit on both pulleys. So, when the elevator starts, the bucket moves on both pulley’s periphery, and material collects from the bottom and is tossing on the Top exhaust section.

Where is the Bucket elevator used?​

  • Cement 
  • glass
  • biomass
  • mining
  • power generation
  • food process industry
  • Agriculture etc.
Bucket elevator

What do we need to check before giving you a Quote​

  • Required output
  • Capacity
  • Speed
  • weight of chain link per unit
  • Hight 
  • width
  • temperature
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 Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding the Discharge elevator. You can call/Email us for more detail.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of many other products like screw conveyors, Roller conveyors, Stacker conveyors, Hammer crushers, Dust collectors, and Vibrating screens in Anand, Gujarat.