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Dust collector

 Suppose you are searching for a dust collector or Bag filter manufacturer in Gujarat, India. So, You are Right place Samarth engineering is one of the best dust collector manufacturing companies.

 We design bag filters according to client requirements and the size of the Area where we need to install them. We buy High-Quality bags that have a long life and are Effective for collecting dust. There is a Rotary valve and knife gate fitted on the Bottom of the bag filter and Top Side Blower ducting matching The top section.

 When Blower starts, Air sucks from the Bottom bag filter with dust & Small particles of material. This material passes through the bags, and this time small particles and bags stuck on bags or Air pass through the bag. Stuck material on bag Remove by Air purging system on Top and Collect on Bottom. A dust collector is a High performance and easy to Handle Equipment.

Where is the Dust collector Used?

  • Industry Plant
  • Warehouse
  • Grinding plant
  • Coal plant
  • Cement plant


Most frequent questions and answers

Dust collectors are used for Separating Small particles from Material by Air like Dust and Dirt.

  • Mechanical shaker
  • Reverse Air
  • Pulse-jet

HVAC is an Industrial and commercial application for residential use to improve indoor air quality and comfort.

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