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Vibrating Screens – A Comprehensive Guide for the Buyers

Vibrating screen machine


Vibrating screens are used for sorting as well as separating materials. Basically, a vibrating screen machine is used in mining and construction industry, but now it is used in different other industries as well. 

Whether you are going to choose a vibrating screen part or machine, you first need to get adequate information about the same. When you have information about it, you can make the best buying-decision. 

So, let’s keep exploring a comprehensive guide on vibrating screens for buyers.

What Are the Vibrating Screens?

Before you start searching for a vibrating machine supplier and manufacturer, you first want to know about the vibrating screens. Actually, vibrating screens usually are mechanical machines. This screen machine is used for separating and sorting materials according to the size of particles.

Basically, vibrating screening machines are used in construction, agriculture, and mining industries to sort and separate stuffs of different types and sizes.

Types of Vibrating Screens

Now, you have got a basic idea about what a vibrating screen machine is. You have also learnt about purpose of choosing a vibrating screening machine. Now, you need to know about the different types of vibrating screens. 

So, let’s go through the different types of vibrating screens.

1 . Inclined Screens 

These vibrating screens have 2 or 3 decks. They are usually inclined at angles. This type of vibrating screen machine is used for high-capacity screening.

2 . Horizontal Screens 

This type of vibrating screen machine is the best option for both types of screening applications i.e. dry and wet.

3 . High-Frequency Vibrating Screens 

If you want to screen fine materials, you need to go with a high-frequency vibrating machine. This type of screening machine is best for screening little particles.

4 . Banana Screens 

This type of vibrating screen comes incorporated with banana-shaped deck. Since it has banana-like deck architecture, it increases the screening area.

5 . Dewatering Vibrating Screen Machine

If you need a machine for screening gravel and sand plants, you need to choose dewatering vibrating screens. The main functionality of this type of machine is to eliminate the moisture from given materials.

Apart from above mentioned types of vibrating screens, you can also try given below different types of vibrating screen machines. 

  • Linear motion vibrating screens
  • Circular motion vibrating screens
  • Grizzly screens

Working Principal of Vibrating Screens

If you don’t want to end up with an unwanted vibrating screen part or machine, you need to know the working principal of vibrating screens.

The main functionality of a vibrating screening device is to separate and sort particles especially according to their specific shape and size. 

Let’s check out the key elements of the process and how it works.

  • Let’s start with the screen mesh, which is the main surface where materials are processed. Screen mesh is made either of synthetic materials or metal wire. It contains various shapes and sizes of openings. This way, it helps sorting and separating particles of different shapes and sizes.
  • Now, vibration mechanism comes to play its role. A vibrating screen machine generates required vibration either through vibrating motors or mechanical mechanism.
  • Screen motion is the next working principal that helps materials to move throughout the surface of vibrating screen.
  • Now, it is the stage of particle separation. In this stage, particles are sorted and separated according to their shape and size.
  • Most of the vibrating screen machines come loaded with screen decks. There are various decks with their own mesh to sort and separate particles.
  • Next come to the adjustability of the vibrations to make it works great.

Applications of Vibrating Screens

Due to their functionality and versatility, vibrating screens have a great range of applications throughout several industries.

Let’s check out a few usual applications of a vibrating screen machine.

  • Aggregate processing 
  • Recycling 
  • Mineral processing 
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries 
  • Food processing 
  • Water treatment 
  • Pulp & paper industry 
  • Waste management 
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Advantages of Vibrating Screens​

1 . Versatility

The key reason behind the growing demand of vibrating screens is that they are versatile. Thus, you can use this machine in various industries. Vibrating screens can easily deal with different kinds of materials such as waste materials, food products, chemicals, minerals, and aggregates.

2 . Efficient Screening

Another advantage of vibrating screens is that they provide efficient screening. You can get best results out of the same.

3 . Customization

Different industries come with different types of materials to be sorted and separated. Thus, finding a customizable vibrating screen machine is needed. The benefit of vibrating screens is its customization.

4 . High Capacity

The key benefit of vibrating screens is that they can easily deal with bigger volumes of stuffs.

5 . Low Maintenance

You don’t need to spend lots of money on the maintenance of vibrating screening machines.

6 . Affordable Option

Cost-effectiveness is another benefit that insists everyone to go with vibrating screens.

Classification of Vibrating Screen

You can classify vibrating screens based on several factors such as application, motion pattern, and design. 

Let’s have a quick look at a few usual classifications of modern vibrating screens.

1 – Classification Based on Specification Motion Pattern 

  • Circular motion vibrating screens.
  • Elliptical motion screens. 
  • Linear motion screens.

2 – Classification as Per Deck Configuration

  • Single deck vibrating screens. 
  • Double deck vibrating screens.
  • And multi-deck vibrating screens.

3 – Application-based Classification of Vibrating Screens 

  • High-frequency vibrating screens.
  • Scalping vibrating screens.
  • Sizing screens.  
  • Dewatering screens.

4 – Classification Based on Modern Derive Mechanism 

  • Mechanical screens. 
  • Electromagnetic screens. 


Key Components and Working Principle

1 . Key Components of Vibrating Screen

  • Screen mesh
  • Vibration mechanism
  • Screen frame
  • Drive unit

2 . Working Principles of Vibrating Screens 

  • Materials feed
  • Generation of vibration 
  • Particle separation
  • Screen decks
  • Adjustability
  • Material discharge
Vibrating screen Separator

Optimizing Vibrating Screen Performance

If you want to increase the efficiency of vibrating screens, you need to optimize its performance. Let’s learn how you can optimize it. 

  • Select a machine that should be appropriate for certain application keeping particle size, material type and capacity of the same into consideration.

  • Optimizing screen deck look or design can help you to increase its performance.

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of vibrating screens make it in a good performing-condition.

  • Evaluate the condition of monitor screen and its performance.

  • Don’t forget optimizing the vibration parameters.

  • You need to ensure adequate materials feed.

  • By minimizing the pegging and blinding, you can increase its performance.

  • Implementation of advanced technologies brings great results.

Choosing the Right Vibrating Screen

  • If you want to end up with the best vibrating screens, you need to go through your application requirements.

  • Choose proper screen design and type.

  • Evaluate the capacity and screen size according to your needs.

  • Take material characteristics into consideration such as particle shape, density, size, abrasiveness, and moisture content.

  • Don’t forget considering environmental conditions in which a machine may operate. 

  • Go through the installation as well as maintenance process.

  • Always decide a budget before choosing a vibrating screen machine.

  • If you want to choose best vibrating screens, you shouldn’t forget consulting an expert.

Samarth Engineerings – A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Vibrating Screens

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Whether you want to choose vibrating screen part or vibrating screen machine, you will always find Samarth Engineering a leading manufacturer and supplier of materials equipments tools and devices.

Final Words

So, this a comprehensive guide about vibrating screens. If you want to explore a big collection of different types of vibrating screen machines, vibrating screen parts and other materials handling equipments, you need to look at nowhere else but Samarth Engineering, a leading manufacturer and supplier of vibrating screens.

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FAQ about Vibrating Screens

Most frequent questions and answers

You can lubricate your vibrating screen every three to six months to get better performance out of the same.

  • Various vibrating screens are usually designed to deal with sticky and wet materials. 

  • Consider a few factors such as screen efficiency, material size and shape. We at Samarth Engineering will help you to choose best vibrating screens.