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Suppose you are searching for a Screw conveyor manufacturer in Gujarat, India. So you are in the Right Place Samarth engineering Design all types of Auger According to Your plant, Material, and plan Area. 

We have more than 20+ Clients from Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and all over India.

We Design different types of Auger depending on material density and variety. We mainly supply pipe Screw U trough screws for the Cement, Powder, and Food industries ( Manufacturing material According to the product, like stainless Steel or mild Steel).

Auger conveyor price and specification

We first check some details like Type of material to convey, Material bulk density, length of the Auger conveyor from point A to point B ( Feed / Outlet ), Maximum Angle for the screw conveyor to transfer material from point A to B, Required power of Motor.

Why use Auger?

Auger is a very known name for screw conveyors. Typically, this equipment moves material (Solid/liquid) from one place to another in any direction, live, vertical, Horizontal, or incline.

Where Auger conveyor is used?

  • Cement 
  • Powder
  • Food waste
  • wood chips
  • aggregates
  • cereal grains
  • animal feed
  • solid waste & Many others
Screw Conveyor photos

Screw conveyor in gujarat price depends on the Above Factor. About our past clients or any other stuff, please call us or Email on Below Detail.

 We give you free consulting for any query regarding the material handling system.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A screw conveyor is an equipment that helps to move solid or liquid material from one location to Another.

Auger is used to move material horizontally, vertically, or incline.

Fliet, Bearing, Motor, Pipe, or Shaft This is part of the Screw conveyor

Auger has Helical fliet inside the pipe or through that move material 1 point to another point with the help of Motor.

Fliet is one Type of blade inside a screw conveyor that helps to push the material forward.