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Vibrating Screen Part

Vibrating Screen Part – What You Must Know

Vibrating screen is an innovative machine. It is used in various industries including mining, packaging and other industries. The main functionality of a vibrating screen machine is to sort and separate materials.

If you are going to choose a vibrating screen, you first need to know about its important parts. When you know about vibrating screen part, you can make the best choice. Here, you are going to unveil important parts of a vibrating screen device.

Evaluating the Vibrating Screen Part

If you don’t want to end up with a machine that you don’t need, you need to evaluate the parts of the same. The key reason behind evaluating the parts of a vibrating machine is that you can know its functionality.

If you don’t have information about how different parts of a vibrating screen work, you won’t be able to get desired performance out of the same. So, you must grab the information about important vibrating screen parts.

1. Intermediate Shaft Is an Important Vibrating Screen Part

Let’s start with evaluating the importance of an intermediate shaft inside a vibrating screen machine. Actually, an intermediate shaft is usually a rigid shaft that doesn’t need lubrication and maintenance.

This intermediate shaft is found between the two exciters. These exciters ensure the functionality of the machine.

2. Drive Shaft

Another important vibrating screen part is drive shaft. It is the shaft that simply connects with dynamic screen and static drive system. The drive shaft brings various benefits such as low maintenance, malfunction and long lifetime.

Here, you need to know that the drive assembly contains four poles as well as three phase motor, layshaft and V-belt transmission. This mechanism improves the functionality of a vibrating screen machine.

Drive shaft along with belt creates tension to make the functionality of the machine hurdle-free.

3. Spring inside the Vibrating Screen

If you want to choose best-performing vibrating screen, you need to know about its important parts. One of the most important vibrating screen parts is spring.

There is a steel coiled flexible spring. It is found between mounting base and screen body. The main role of this spring is to absorb the unwanted shock.

Here, you must know the fact that vibrating spring comes with the capacity of absorbing 98% of shock. This way, it improves the overall performance of a vibrating screen.

You can also discover rubber pads at the end of both sides of this spring. These rubber pads help in reducing noise and friction caused by inner system of the device.

Do You Want to Choose a Vibrating Screen Part?

Evaluating the Vibrating Screen Part (1) (1)

If you want to choose a vibrating screen part, you need to take two points into consideration i.e. quality and cost.

Visit at a vibrating screen manufacturer or supplier online with a collection of top-notch parts of vibrating screen machines.

Quality is something that should always be in mind when you go to choose a vibrating screen whether offline or online. However, you must go through the quality of the parts of a vibrating screen, but you should also take the price of the same into consideration.